Micro-influencer marketing, made easy.

AI-driven campaign creation, operation and analysis to help your business reach targeted customers for less. Mifu enables micro-influencer marketing at scale, with zero hassle.

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The age of the micro-influencer is nigh! Micro Influencer marketing offers better engagement rates than ever before. But why settle for better? Micro-influencers are proven to offer the highest engagement rates of any form of marketing, to date. Unlock it today!

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Brand-Influencer Management

Fully managed influencer management and campaign operation. Save countless hours of work with mifu.


Precise Audience Targeting

Micro-influencers have niche targeted audiences who trust them. Spendyour budget on reaching the people who care about your brand.


Cost Effective

Unlock a greater Return On Investment (ROI) through the influencers with the highest engagement rates.

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The Mifu Journey


Discover & Analyse

Assess the influencers found for your brand & review analytics to find those which are most effective, relevant, and cost-appropriate for your campaign.

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Select & Invite

View influencer statistics & select which influencers fit your campaign. Click 'invite all' and mifu will send automated invites to your selected influencers.

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Track Campaign Progress

Track your invited influencers' progress in joining the campaign, creating content, and submitting content.

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Save Time

Wasting time - we hate it! The mifu automated workflows unlock micro-influencer marketing at an unprecedented scale. Work with more influencers than ever before.

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Management at scale

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Automated Workflows

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Boosted Efficiency - minimal clicks, maximum reach.

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Zero Hassle

At mifu, we’re at war with hassle! Our platform is intuitive by nature, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your brand. Scale influencer management without the burden of admin.

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Legal Management

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Integrated Payments

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Scalable Management

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Genuine Audiences

Using micro-influencers, through mifu, enables you to reach the most authentic and targeted audiences - pinpointing your niche rather than the scatter-gun approach of macro-influencer marketing.

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Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

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9.3x higher average engagement than macro marketing

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Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)

Work with brands relevant to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mifu work?


Mifu searches through millions of micro-influencers and performs AI-driven analysis to find you a set of influencers that will represent your brand best. Take the list or use mifu to automatically manage a potentially infinite number of micro-influencers.

Any influencer ranging from having 2,500 to 50,000 followers.

Micro-influencers’ posts and stories are shown to hold followers’ attention longer than macro-influencers’ posts, with an engagement rate of 7.5% compared with macro influencers’ 0.8%.

Mifu generates a campaign through finding relevant micro-influencers instantaneously, before showing your business a few of the influencers mifu has found for your business. If you choose to proceed, mifu will contact the influencers and provide them with a sample of your product to trial, review and use on their Instagram account.

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